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The Single’s Guide To Finding The Right Match


As the dating expert at Culturs Magazine, I was asked to write a book review for Picking Right. I was surprised about how much of what the author said resonated with me.  It’s funny because I would never have thought much about a dating book a couple of years ago. But now, the more I think about it, the more I realise that we focus and work on improving our career, our fitness levels, our hobbies.  Why don’t we read books and strive to improve our love lives?

Why not spend time on developing our relationships?  What is it about our society that makes it seem almost embarrassing to read these sorts of books?  It almost feels as if you’re straight away categorised as desperate or lost when you read romantic relationship guides or self-help books. That’s ridiculous. If we strive to improve the state of our career, health and finances and give those areas 110%, why not do the same for the romantic part of our lives? This area should not come last.


Do we really believe there’s nothing left to learn or improve on? Could you improve your dating life? What about the relationship you’re in?  An area that’s often left on the bottom of the priority list should be moved up. Who’s to say this area isn’t just as important as our career status in terms of our overall happiness levels?

Can you tell I’m passionate about this area? Well, I am. And I was thrilled to read and write about a thought-provoking book on choosing the right partner and working on your relationship here on Culturs Magazine.


2 thoughts on “The Single’s Guide To Finding The Right Match

  1. So true! So true! Each area of life impacts other areas: career frustrations impact home life just as relationship misery impacts one’s job. I have helped so many couples with their relationships just to witness their careers blossom!

    • Exactly Daphna! It’s funny how much we can forget that. Especially when life gets busy and stressful. Good reminder though to focus on different areas of our lives to ensure we have balance.

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