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Go on, ask someone out.

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When was the last time you asked someone out on a date? Opportunities come up, but we’re not always bold enough to make that move that will guarantee seeing that person again. There are many reasons why we don’t ask someone out, but the fear of rejection is one of the main reasons we don’t always jump at the opportunity. If you’re a woman reading this, how likely are you to ask out a man you find attractive?


Bale and other researches have found that women are less likely to ask a man out.[1] This doesn’t really surprise me. It seems that movies, books, and our friends’ stories all lead to the same scenario: the boy walking over to the girl, not the other way around. When I was single, I always found this frustrating. It always seemed as if it was frowned upon for a girl to walk up to a guy. Hopefully, this will change over time, as there is no reason both men and women can’t express their interest in another person. When I was single, I remember it was really split half way as to whether it was me walking over or the guy coming over to me.  I was not one to stay put if I found someone cute at a bar. Granted, only after building up the courage with two gin and tonics.

Alternatively to Bale’s findings, a different study conducted…

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