Third Culture Kid Dating; adults who have spent their developmental years outside their parent's culture

VLOG: TCK Restlessness Conquered


How have you conquered your restlessness as an adult TCK? Here are some of the things that helped me:


2 thoughts on “VLOG: TCK Restlessness Conquered

  1. Hi Olivia, thanks for this interesting vlog. Restlessness is a challenge, even after years of living in the same place I still feel restless very now and then. I grew up as a TCK in Africa. I agree with you about doing new things, I love trying something new. It can be anything like discovering how twitter works, or taking Italian cooking lessons. I would add doing sports. Just running or working out at the gym helps me to tackle my restlessness. New challenges in my job help me, I like “change” in my job every now and then. Planning a next vacation abroad can help too, I do not have to move but I have the excitement of travelling again. Looking forward to more tips! Greetings Janneke @drieculturen

    • Hi Janneke, thanks for your comment! I was in South Africa myself, fun to hear when other TCKs have been in similar countries! It’s funny that you mention doing sports; this has always been such a huge area in my life. I played football in Germany and Austria, and I played in a Women’s League here in London. Going running, like you said, can be such a good way to reduce that need to move. And travelling abroad is such a good one. Going away, on a train, a plane, a bus ride. It can be such a relief and a lovely way to discover a new place – I completely agree!

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