Third Culture Kid Dating; adults who have spent their developmental years outside their parent's culture

Am I Undateable? A Third Culture Kid reflects on love and dating


I am so excited to share the article I wrote for Global Living Magazine with you guys! They just released their January issue here. Below is the piece I wrote for them about the frustrations of dating as an adult Third Culture Kid (someone who has spent some time growing up outside their passport country).

As a result of these frustrations, I decided to do something about it.  As someone with a multicultural upbringing, I wanted to create a place where TCKs and expats could meet people who would welcome differences and be understanding of diverse customs.  I wanted to create a platform and space that would encourage cultural diversity and hopefully create opportunities where you might meet the love of your life. I launched a dating platform called TCK Dating and now host weekly group chats and monthly events for expats and TCKs here in London.  We’ll see where this adventure takes me and other TCKs…

Below is the article on Global Living Magazine and my contributor photo for the magazine !

Am I Undateable? A Thid Culture Kid Reflects on Love and Dating – Global Living Magazine

Olivia Charlet Contributor Photo 4 Black


2 thoughts on “Am I Undateable? A Third Culture Kid reflects on love and dating

  1. Hi Olivia – I wanted to read this so glad I found it! I really like what you are doing. When I was young (in my late teens, twenties etc) we didn’t know so much about TCK’s and the effect a peripatetic life can have on you when you’re trying to “settle down”. So back then there was far less understanding of why it was so hard to find someone and stick with them…however I am glad to say that we’re not undateable – I am now married and have two children. My solution was to find a husband who loves travelling as much as I do! I met him in Jamaica and we’ve since lived in Pakistan and St Lucia with our daughters and this year off to South Africa. I am including a link to this website in my book and would love to do feature it on my blog at some point – – as I think it is such an interesting subject and very important for parents to be aware of BEFORE their children leave home!

    • Aw, Clara thanks! That means a lot to me. And congratulations on everything; it sounds like your life has turned out wonderfully. And if your daughters are anything like us growing up, they will love moving around! 🙂 That’d be great if you featured it on your blog. If you want to chat about anything in more detail, don’t hesitate to let me know (we can chat about it over email)!

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