Third Culture Kid Dating; adults who have spent their developmental years outside their parent's culture

Closeness and Jealousy

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The following finding on a new relationship study didn’t surprise me, but it was hard to hear. The study found that if your romantic partner is a large part of your self-concept and a part of your future projects, you are disposed to jealousy when the relationship is at risk.[1] The study is limiting in that only around 230 students participated, and they were all from American universities. The average age of the participants was also only 19 years of age and 60 percent of the participants were women, which could skew the data as well.[2] However, it did get me thinking about how the closeness of your romantic relationship can have an impact on the likelihood of you feeling jealous…

It was hard to hear that being in a close relationship and making your partner an important part of your future plans makes you prone to jealousy, and especially frustrating to me as it took a long time as an adult Third Culture Kid or TCK to warm up to the idea of keeping friendships and relationships for the long-term, rather than only for a couple of months.

Find the rest of my post here: Culturs Magazine !


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