Third Culture Kid Dating; adults who have spent their developmental years outside their parent's culture

Attachment Theory

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There were several observations that John Bowlby, a British psychologist famous for his work in child development, made on attachment theory. One of these was the following scenario consisting of three stages: A primary caregiver leaves his or her infant behind in a room. The first reaction of the child is to protest, which entails crying, screaming, and looking for the caregiver. The second stage is when the infant expresses despair; Bowlby describes this as being unresponsive and sad. Finally, the last stage is detachment: when the parent returns, the child does not show interest and instead avoids that caregiver.

Bowbly’s observations resonated with me, having just finished a degree in psychology, and made me question whether a Third Culture Kid (TCK) goes through these same stages whilst following their globetrotting parents around the world…

This week the rest of my post can be found on Culturs Magazine! Find it here Detachment and an Adult Third Culture Kid !


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