Third Culture Kid Dating; adults who have spent their developmental years outside their parent's culture

I Am an Adult Third Culture Kid

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Jenna Strahm outlines what it’s like to be an adult Third Culture Kid. Even if you’re not moving anymore, and have finally settled down as an adult, the fact that you did grow up as a Third Culture Kid means you will most likely always identify as a multicultural and diverse individual. I’m sure these different aspects of being an ATCK will resonate with you if you have a similar background.

My Passport Says I Belong Here

During my growing up years, I was taught the term “Third Culture Kid” (TCK) to help define my identity as a child who was growing up in and among cultures that were different than my parents’ home culture and different than my “passport culture”. I learned how to be a TCK and have a somewhat cohesive answer to the question “Where are you from?”, but all along I kind of assumed that if someday I was no longer living with my parents and continent-hopping on a regular basis I would somehow have more of a normal identity. Then I discovered the term “Adult Third Culture Kid” (ATCK). This is someone who is a TCK because of experiences during their developmental years, but is now an adult. Whether or not this person still travels internationally or not, they never cease to be an ATCK.

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