Third Culture Kid Dating; adults who have spent their developmental years outside their parent's culture

What happens when young siblings travel with no parents… Some stories

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Third Culture Kids, this post will bring back all sorts of memories of when you were kids and had to go through long-haul flights! Did you used to sleep on the floor like my siblings and I did? Were you an absolute nightmare for the air hostess? Here’s a fantastic post from ‘A Diplomat’s Daughter’!

A Diplomat's Daughter


1) We used to play house on the plane by putting the blanket over the top of the back of our seat and over the one in front, often accidently covering the head of the passenger to make our fort. When a flight attendant would come by asking us our food preferences we would respond “password?!”


2) Despite being ages 8 and 10 James and I were in no doubt that we were FAR too old and mature to be stuck in the kiddies lounge until our flight boarded. It became a game to drag one of the poor flight attendants looking after us around the terminal and buy the most outrageous things we could find with the little pocket money we had in case of emergencies. We also tried our level best to lose our minder which we found HILARIOUS. I don’t think she did though.


3) One time…

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