Third Culture Kid Dating; adults who have spent their developmental years outside their parent's culture

The SingleLife

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I want to know. Where do you stand right now? At this point in time. Are you loving life being single? Enjoying the fun dates out? Discovering lovely new cafes and bars in the city. If you’re a girl. Going out with your girlfriends. And having that knee-weakening snog at the end of the night with the guy you’ve been eyeing all night. Meeting the girls the next day at a very hung-over brunch with bloody marys (because you know that’s the only real way to get over it). You review the night. Blurry memories become surreal in daylight. Where exclamations like: ‘You did what?!’ happen every ten minutes or so.  It’s fun. It’s light. It’s not meant to be serious.

1924368_10101373750340107_2364464050849049410_nIf you’re a guy. Are you hitting up different pubs with the guys on the weekend?  Using your funniest pick-up line to the girl in the red dress. This being after at least 3 pints so that you can actually muster the courage to go chat to her. Having free Sundays to play football or rugby with the boys and then head off for a Sunday roast. No commitments. No compromises.  Showing the guys the last hot girl you went out with on Tinder.  Your mate takes your phone and swipes ‘yes’ for all the girls that you would never date. It’s easy. Could life be any better right now? Honestly?

I think we put a lot of emphasis on finding a girlfriend or boyfriend. But sometimes, I think it’s just not the right time. And sometimes being single is awesome. Maybe you’re right in the middle of getting that promotion at work. And you’re loving it. You know you’re doing well. And you’re enjoying putting your efforts into that at the time. Or maybe it’s just that you’re actually enjoying the dates you’re going on. You don’t feel like putting the pressure on. You want to just see where things go. And you don’t want to miss out on spending time with friends. It’s funny how much bad press there is about being single. How do you feel about it?


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