Third Culture Kid Dating; adults who have spent their developmental years outside their parent's culture

What is it like for a non-TCK to date someone like us, TCKs?

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For a non-TCK, how is it dating a TCK?  Is it intimidating? Fun? Frustrating?  I would love to find out what you think.  At Denizen Magazine: they asked a number of non-TCKs to reach out about what it was like dating or being married to TCKs.  Have a look at what they came up with : !

I have a constant urge to move and try new things. I get bored quickly and find that I need to constantly challenge myself with new projects.  I wonder what that must be like to deal with on the other end. I think it can be frustrating from our point of view, as we don’t always feel fully understood, but maybe it’s just as hard on the other side.  Do they feel the pressure to learn to speak (one of) our native language (s)?  Are they fearful that you might just get up and leave one day?  Are they fascinated by your differences in opinion? Or are they sometimes sick of the difference?  Do they get annoyed with your constant comments about how it is not necessarily like that everywhere else?  We don’t know the TV shows they mention. This means they have to give us a history or explanation of the story, the characters, and actors involved.  Do you know the TV Series, Only Fools and Horses? No? Yeah, neither did I.  This must get annoying for a non-TCK; we never know what they’re talking about: that cool band from the 90s, that hilarious tv show.  For us to be able to partake in the conversation, they need to explain it to us, before they continue to further comment about it.  How irritating must this be for them?  You know that moment they get so excited because The Vaccines are playing at that open festival in London? And you look at them with a blank stare, wishing that band name would suddenly mean something to you. But it doesn’t. You have no idea what they’re referring to. All you can think is how strange it is that a band is name after vaccination!  Come on. This must get tiresome for them!

So after thinking about it, I realize it could actually turn out to be exhausting dating a TCK!  That’s right. They thought it would be fun and games with us. It might be more work than fun!


one stick figure


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