Third Culture Kid Dating; adults who have spent their developmental years outside their parent's culture

What makes me a Third Culture Kid?

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I have a very strong American accent, which means the first question from people I meet for the first time is “Where are you from in the US?”.  My reply always seems to be the same: “actually, I’m not American. I’m half-French, half-Belgian”.  I instantly get a puzzled look from that person, and they ask me why I sound American. I explain that my Dad is French; my mom is Belgian.  Born in Tokyo, I then moved to Dusseldorf, Johannesburg, Vienna, Hamburg, Boston, Auckland, and finally London.  We went to international schools with American teachers throughout, which is how my sister, my brother and I all sound like Americans!

Of course, this results in more questions: did you enjoy moving like that every couple years, where is ‘home’, how many languages can you speak, which city was your favorite, where do your parents live now and the questions keep coming!  If you have experienced the same sort of life, moving from one country to the next, you end up feeling close to many cultures without identifying fully to a single one.

It can seem strange to others, but to you it’s normal. It’s all you know.  Curious to know if there are others like me. Are you a Third Culture Kid? Where have you lived?  And how does it make you feel when others ask you questions like this?



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