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Nope, I don’t know that TV series either!


Has this happened to you?  You’re having a conversation with your friend whose lived in one country their whole life.  They ask you if you’ve heard of this fantastic TV series that has this famous American actor and this other famous American actress in it.  They push on saying, come on it was on all the time when we would get home from school when we were teenagers.  “Nope, have no idea what you’re talking about !” It’s the truth. We don’t know that series.  And no, we don’t know that famous actress.  They are so surprised. Couple of weeks later, they ask the exact same thing about another American TV series similarly unknown to you.  You answer the same thing: “Nope, I don’t know that TV series either!”

Instead, what you do know is a very eclectic list of tv series from the countries you have lived in over the years: Germany, France, Belgium, and so on.  If you spoke to a German or French or Belgian person, you probably would end up having the exact same conversation as above because you only know one or two TV series from each of those countries as you only lived in each country for two or three years.  You missed out on all the rest, as you’d already moved to the next country!

Of course, this is not limited to TV series.  We have that mixed knowledge in music, films, history, stand up comedy, without having a thorough grasp on any.  We have breadth rather than depth in these, whether that’s a good thing or not is subjective!

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Nope, I don’t know that TV series either!

  1. Funny enough – I had this same exact conversation with a friend the other day. I was explaining to someone that I did not in fact know about a particular show they were referencing from the mid 1990s because I wasn’t living in the country (U.S.) at the time. I got a blank stare for a moment and then remembered that I grew up abroad. But on the flip side, I could tell them about random 70s French programming that showed up on West African television. 🙂

    • Exactly, I love that! I love that look they give us. As if it would be inconceivable for us not to know the show. I used to get embarrassed when this sort of thing happened. I’ve now realized it’s just because we didn’t grow up in the same way they did and that’s ok!

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